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Inspiring Film, Creative Media, Music, and Theatre Research Event

21 May 2024

Dundalk Institute of Technology proudly hosted its annual Film, Creative Media, Music, and Theatre Research Event recently. The occasion brought together a vibrant community of scholars and students to celebrate the culmination of undergraduate research endeavours.

The event served as a platform to showcase a selection of the most promising dissertations and research projects undertaken by fourth-year students. Attendees were treated to a dynamic series of five-minute presentations, each offering a glimpse into the innovative and thought-provoking work being pursued within the fields of film, creative media, music, and theatre.

From insightful analyses of cinematic masterpieces to groundbreaking experiments in sound design, the symposium provided a diverse array of topics for exploration. Presentations investigated into thematic areas such as Narrative Innovation in Film: Students examined the evolution of narrative techniques in cinema, from classic storytelling structures to avant-garde experiments challenging traditional conventions.  There was a focus on Digital Storytelling and Interactive Media, which delved into the explorations into the intersection of technology and narrative, with projects ranging from interactive documentaries to virtual reality experiences.

The event reviewed Music Composition and Production and research projects showcased innovative approaches to music composition and production, including studies on the impact of digital tools on music creation and performance. There were presentations on Theatre Performance and Social Commentary with engaging examinations of theatrical works as vehicles for social commentary and cultural critique, with presentations tackling topics such as gender representation, identity politics, and globalization. And finally, the subject of Creative Media and Community Engagement involved studies presented which explored the role of creative media in community development and social change, with projects focusing on participatory filmmaking, community-based art initiatives, and digital storytelling workshops.

Students and staff engaged in lively discussions, offering valuable insights and feedback to the presenters. Upon opening the symposium, Dr Adele Commins, Head of Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music at DkIT, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating,

"The Film, Creative Media, Music, and Theatre Research Symposium is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the work of our students. It offers them a unique opportunity to share their research findings with a wider audience and to engage in meaningful dialogue with their peers and mentors".

This research event underscored DkIT's commitment to fostering a culture of academic excellence and innovation within the creative arts. By providing a platform for students to showcase their research, the Institute continues to nurture the next generation of creative thinkers and practitioners.

Prize winners on the day were:

  • Ellen Murphy: Best Audio and Music Production Research Project
  • Abby Murphy: Outstanding Contribution to Creative Media Research
  • Yasmin Hanratty: Outstanding Contribution to Drama Research
  • Mollie Newman: Outstanding Contribution to Film Research
  • Chen Jia Ng: Outstanding Contribution to Music Research
  • Lurcan Farrelly: Best Presentation of a Research Project

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