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Information Literacy Prize-Giving 2017

23 October 2017

You are invited to the Prize-Giving Ceremony for the Information Literacy Prize 2017 on Wednesday 25th October at 1 pm in the College Board Room.

The recipient is Michelle McDonald.  Michelle was a student of Veterinary Nursing and is graduating later this month. 

Worthy runners-up were:

  • Thomas Curran
  • Leanne Shiu
  • Pee Yee Wong

The Information Literacy Prize is a joint CELT and Library project and also involves academic staff. Dr Michael Mulvey, DkIT President, will present the Prize.

The IL Prize initiative aims to promote learning from feedback. The process involves a feedback round and invites entrants to change and develop their written work as a result of feedback. The Prize is allocated to the work that evidences the deepest engagement with feedback.

The winning essay can be read here.

Details of the current Information Literacy Prize are here: