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Erasmus+ Visiting Lecturer in Department of Visual & Human-Centred Computer

Dr Artur Hłobaż, from the Faculty of Physics & Applied Informatics in the University of Lodz, Poland, visits Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT). 

Dr Artur Hłobaż, from the Faculty of Physics & Applied Informatics in the University of Lodz, Poland, visited Dundalk Institute of Technology from 23rd - 27th September. Dr Hłobaż was a guest of the college as part of the EU’s Erasmus+ staff mobility programme for European academics, and spent his time here working in the Department of Visual & Human-Centred Computing.

While in DkIT, Dr Hłobaż gave a workshop to students from the BSc (Honours) in Computing in Software Development, on the topic of “Virtual Machines”. Virtual machines allow developers to place multiple operating systems on one computer and as such, are particularly useful to IT students for testing and debugging their work.

While in DkIT, Dr Hłobaż also took part in a presentation given to 3rd year BSc (Honours) in Computing in Software Development and 3rd year BSc (Honours) in Computing in Games Development students about participation in the Erasmus+ student exchange programme. The Erasmus+ student exchange programme will allow students from these two degree programmes to study in another EU country from January until June during year 3 of their studies. This is the first year in which the option to study abroad has been included as part of these two degree programmes.