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Empowering women to THRIVE in STEM

30 August 2022

THRIVE Programme is now accepting applications for the next programme intake starting October 2022 to support women to launch STEM careers and businesses. Launched in 2021, THRIVE builds STEM capability, connections and confidence for female entrepreneurs, career changers or work returners.  

THRIVE is specifically designed to enable female entrepreneurs, career changers and work returners to pivot their existing skills and experience combined with key STEM topic knowledge, professional development and networking to prime them for leadership positions in STEM start-ups or industries. The programme equips women with an overview of the New Product Development process in bringing new products and services to market in the pharma, tech, mechanical, electronic or food manufacturing. The programme supports personal development by helping women identify and promote their own skills and abilities, empower their ability to network, present and negotiate, and manage their own internal voice and confidence. THRIVE is also supported with a female STEM network meeting every 6/8 weeks to discuss topics of interest, promote women within the STEM sector locally and support industry networking.

According to THRIVE Programme Manager, Lavina McGahon;

“We launched this programme last year and supported 16 women made up of work returners, career changers, female entrepreneurs and women in STEM to develop their skills for STEM success. We are very proud of what we have achieved. The feedback from last year’s participants has been hugely positive and very enthusiastic for empowering these women to move forward personally and professionally. We have developed a solid programme that has succeeded in enhancing their STEM management skills, supported them to develop personally in confidence for career success and expand their STEM network locally.

THRIVE suits entrepreneurs who wish to take a product/service from idea all the way through to execution. If you have never built a physical or hardware product and you don’t know how to choose a contract manufacturer or deal with your supply chain, or the dynamics of purchasing and shipping, and you have no idea about compliance to standards and regulations, this is the programme for you.

The programme will also appeal to women outside the STEM sector who see the opportunities and career potential in this sector. It can support those who bring their own management skills and experience and give them the technical overview to allow them to lead and manage in a STEM field with confidence.”

THRIVE Programme is a blended delivery programme using industry experts and experienced professionals from Regional Development Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, AIB and Local Enterprise Offices Louth, Cavan and Monaghan. THRIVE was introduced in 2021 to support women launch STEM careers and businesses to meet the demand and career progression opportunities for women in the STEM sector. Programme places are limited. See website for application form.

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