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DkIT Student Michelle Receives Invite to Prestigious International Animation Film Festival

12 March 2024

The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) is set to captivate audiences from April 23 to 28, 2024, promising a vibrant celebration of the art of animation. This year's festival will showcase a diverse array of animated works, including the standout short film 'Fluff', created by a talented group of students from Dundalk Institute of Technology's (DkIT) Animation program.

'Fluff', a remarkable production by DkIT animation students, has garnered acclaim for its creativity and technical prowess. Notably, the film received the highest accolade from the judging panel, earning director Michelle Kiely a prestigious invitation from Animation Ireland to attend the festival as their guest, with all expenses covered.

What sets 'Fluff' apart is not just its artistic merit but also the innovative approach taken by its creators. Produced as part of the Higher Diploma in Science in 3D Computer Animation course at DkIT's Department of Visual and Human Centred Computing, the film was a collaborative effort produced online using Blender, the renowned open-source 3D computer animation software. Rendering was done remotely through DkIT's computer labs after-hours, showcasing the students' dedication and technical proficiency.

The talented individuals behind 'Fluff' includes Michelle Kiely, who served as the writer, director, creative director, character artist, and editor; Brenda Boyle, contributing as a 3D modeler, sound designer, and editor; Sarah Dunne, fulfilling roles as producer, animator, and visual effects artist; and Niamh King, responsible for texture artistry, lighting design, and animation.

As 'Fluff' continues to garner recognition on the international stage, DKIT's animation courses stand out as a breeding ground for emerging talent in the field of animation. The success of this collaboration underscores the Institute's commitment to fostering creativity and excellence in animation education.

Higher Diploma in 3D Computer Animation

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