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DkIT Student Film Selected for Screening at Film Festival in Washington

28 February 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Video & Film Production short film Strawberry will be shown at The Capital Irish Film Festival in Washington D.C this weekend. The festivals runs from the 2th – 5th March.

Stephen is a gormless man in his early 20’s. He reluctantly has to work at the family Strawberry stall, ruining his plans for the day. He carries out his shift, but not as he expects. Throughout the day Stephen is pestered by various characters, changing his day in a way he could have never imagined.

The film was filmed around various Dundalk locations such as Shore road and Oriel Centre Dundalk Gaol. The cast includes Kieran Boland, David O’Boyle, Pat Deery, George Bracebridge & Patrick Fitzsimons. The crew includes Robert McCabe, Jessica Young, Daniel O’Toole, Eleanor Bell, Nicholas Fitzsimons & Daniel Faulkner. Extended crew are Kornelia Rybacka, Aoife McEvoy, Katie Ball, Lorraine Kelly & Robert McCabe.

Strawberry had its premiere at Fis Exhibition 2016 along with more 3rd and 4th year short films. It has been screened so far at the Underground Cinema Monthly screenings in July 2016. The Underground Cinema Film Festival 2016. O.I.C media shorts in The Lighthouse Cinema. And this weekend at The Capital Irish Film Festival. Articles of the film have been published on Film Ireland. Local newspapers which include Dundalk Leader, Dundalk Democrat & the Argus. Online articles published on Dundalk Online & Talk of the Town.

The team are very excited for Strawberry to be screened in America. If only they had time and money to attend it. The film could not have been completed without the support of family, friends, DkIT staff which two staff members who were heavily involved in the making of the short film, Programme Director, Marina Hughes and Strawberry supervisor, Kenneth Sloane. The team are grateful for the continued support and the success of Strawberry.

Watch out for upcoming short films by 3rd year Film and Television Production (Hons) students and 4th Video and Film Production (Hons) students which is expected to have their premiere at DkIT Fis Exhibition in late May.

To find out more about the film there is an IMDb page.

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