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DkIT Student Ambassador 2019 Thank You Ceremony

10 June 2020

The award was in recognition of their commitment and the invaluable role they play during Induction.  This role included meeting and greeting the new students, facilitating ice breaking sessions, assisting the academic staff with various tasks, conducting campus tours throughout the induction week as well as volunteering at other DkIT events. Moira Maguire welcomed everyone to the ceremony, and congratulated and thanked the student ambassadors for all their hard work and commitment to the role.

Dr Shelia Flanagan, Vice President for Academic Affairs, attended the virtual event and spoke kindly of the ambassadors, how important their role is at welcoming the new students and for their commitment throughout the year at various volunteer roles and events.

On the day, some awardees spoke about their experience and how they enjoyed the role and gained new confidence from being a Student Ambassador. Some of this group of ambassadors have returned for three years in row to help the new students and their lecturers with the induction programme in DkIT.

Margaret Ward thanked the ambassadors and explained that the role involves student ambassadors giving up their time, work and holiday commitments prior to  starting college to take part in the compulsory two-day training session to be prepared for the role and that the ceremony was to thank the students and to acknowledge that commitment.

Danielle Geraghty, Co-Chair of DkIT Volunteer Society, also spoke about the importance of their volunteer role and how they could gain an award from the DkIT volunteer society.

Catherine Staunton, Careers & Employability Centre, spoke about the new Elevate Award. The award recognises and celebrates voluntary student contributions to the DkIT community by helping students to identify  the skills they have developed through this engagement, elevating employability. 19 Students received the first Elevate Award in April 2020. Catherine extended her gratitude to those sudents who helped out at career fairs and encouraged the students to sign up for the Elevate Award.

Michelle Woods thanked the ambassadors and congratulated them on their award. Michelle spoke about the feedback from first year students on how the Ambassadors played a major role in their induction from being a friendly face to go to in the first few days and how it helped them get settled into life at DkIT.

Moira then read some messages from lectures who nominate the students for their role as student ambassadors.

Thank you to all of the wonderful student ambassadors in the Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music. Your enthusiasm, creativity and energy were an inspiration to your peers. We thank you for your positive support of all of our activities.’ - Dr. Adele Commins, Department Creative Arts Media and Music

Many thanks from the First year convenors Enda Fields, Jean Connolly and Phil Bradley and all the staff in the Department of the Built Environment, School of Engineering.' - Department of the Built Environment, School of Engineering.

Well done and thank you to all the DkIT Ambassadors for the work you do. A special thank you from all of us in the Careers & Employability Centre to those Ambassadors who helped out at the Careers & Industry Fair and at other Employability Events, and who helped students find their way to our supports. Remember, this experience is a fantastic way to show your top notch motivation and skillset on your CV and during interviews so make sure you shine a light on it.’ Catherine Staunton, Careers & Employability Centre.

Moira thanked the staff from the Student Learning and Development Centre - Margaret Laura and Michelle - for all their work with the induction programme and with the student ambassador training each year. The award ceremony concluded by presenting the student ambassadors with the most volunteer hours for the year with a token of our appreciation. There was also a draw for two spot prizes for students who attended on the day.

Angelina Shin Yee Jong, student ambassador for Bachelor of Science in Applied Bioscience, completed 39 hours for her involvement with induction programme in her school, open days, ISSE and the DkIT career fair.

Victory Emmanuel, student ambassador for Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Bioscience completed 32 hours.

Spot Prize winners on the day were Seanna Hopkins, Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing Communication and Public Relations, and Laura Henry, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Midwifery.




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