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DkIT Student’s Article Published in World of Irish Nursing

26 May 2022

Dundalk Institute of Technology are absolutely thrilled to report that James White a 3rd year General Nursing student, has had an article he penned published in the esteemed World of Irish Nursing Journal. James’s article addressed the human need for social inclusion and discussed it in context to Covid-19 and contemporary nursing practice.

In the paper James investigated the effects of Covid-19 and that It has been suggested that the Covid19 pandemic presents two key issues. These are the physical illness and incapacity caused by the virus itself and the psychological distress and fear associated with it. James discussed how many of the healthcare providers treating the physical illness caused by the virus do not have education in mental healthcare to offer support in this domain. In the attempts to keep the public safe from the virus, people were forced into social exclusion.

The pandemic has been more than just a threat to our physical health – we need a greater awareness of the effects of loneliness and isolation. James wrote that by committing to a deeper understanding of the social sciences that shape nursing practice, professionals will be better equipped to recognise and support individuals experiencing distress that comes because of not only social isolation, but a variety of sociologically influenced circumstances.

The pandemic has placed an unprecedented strain on the healthcare sector and the dedicated individuals who staff it. James reasoned that it is compulsory on the nursing profession to strive for a broader knowledge of the social sciences and the development of a sociological imagination to promote, sustain and enhance societal attitudes towards inclusion and fortify both their own.

James White, DkIT Student stated ‘“In this article, I discuss some of the overlooked sociocultural factors which give rise to isolation and threaten psychological wellbeing against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and Ireland’s chequered history concerning mental health.” James also added ‘“The general nursing programme in DkIT has opened my mind to the vast array of study areas that underpin modern nursing practice, particularly the social sciences. These form a crucial component of a vocation which encompasses both art and science.”

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