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DkIT Set Standard for Excellence in Youth Work

23 November 2023

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) are recognised as one of the European leaders in the delivery of professional Youth Work Education and were proud to be in attendance at the recent European Conference on Methodologies, Approaches and Theories in Practice, used in youth workers education which took place in Milan in Italy.

Katherina Nugent, DkIT lecturer on the programme in the Institute presented at this conference on the topic Striving for Excellence which investigated evidence on work placement from a professional Youth Work education programme. She also presented on the understanding and learning from mistakes along with embracing opportunity.

Katherina's main goal was to utilise the environment offered by this international conference to showcase practices and experiences connected to methods, tools and/or approaches to practice. The aim of this was to connect and enhance the European dimension in the training and education of youth workers. The conference also provided the opportunity for participants to reflect and share about the political dimension of curricula in youth work training and education and to learn from concrete methods and tools that enhance it. 

Katherina Nugent said “It was a fantastic experience to take part in this European conference on Youth Work education and learning. Youth work is often identified as a key factor in supporting young people to find themselves as active citizens of society. European values serve as the guiding principles in youth work, emphasising fundamental rights, democracy, equality, solidarity, and respect for diversity. Youth work actively promotes these values by creating inclusive spaces where young people from diverse backgrounds can engage, express themselves freely, and participate in decision-making processes. By fostering mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding, youth work empowers young individuals to appreciate and embrace the richness of Europe's cultural, social, and linguistic diversity.”

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