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A directing masterclass with Marian Quinn

02 February 2017

Acclaimed writer and director, Marian Quinn of 32A and Easy does it, delivered an intensive directing 2-week workshop in January to Video and Film Production (Hons) 4th year students. The module was aimed and providing students with a in-depth overview of directing techniques.

During week 1, each student in the class picked a scene that they liked from a film, presented it to the class and explained what they liked about it. Later in the week, groups were assigned a scene in which everyone had the opportunity to act and direct for the assignment.

In week 2, students began filming the scenes around campus. These were later edited to be screened on the last day of the workshop. The 2-week workshop with Marian will help greatly as the class continues to work on a thesis. These films will be on display in the upcoming DkIT exhibition Fis which is expected to happen at the end of May.

Article and photos by Eleanor Bell, 4th year student in Video and Film Production (Hons)