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‘Thesis in Three’ Research Event

06 January 2023

The School of Informatics & Creative Arts in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) recently held an exceptionally informative event which highlighted and promoted the diverse range of research that is currently been undertaken in the school. The event was called ‘Thesis in Three' Research. The concept of this event was that each academic had to present their thesis in no more than three minutes with no more than three slides to a general audience. It was a great way for researchers to hone their 'elevator pitch' explanation of their research and the whole event gave a great overview of the research that is currently being performed across the School of Informatics & Creative Arts.

The event was opened by Prof. Fergal McCaffery, Head of School of Informatics and Creative Arts. Prof. McCaffery spoke about the importance of research for the Institute and how it is central to assist DkIT in its journey towards university status whilst increasing the Institutes profile nationally and internationally. DkIT already has a strong reputation for its applied research and has developed impressive access to companies and research in the community.

The academics work highlighted on the day included:

  • Leandro Pessina ‘Listening to Louth’s Heritage: research improvements, upcoming presentations and publications’
  • Maliheh Heidarpour ‘Adversarial Methods to Mitigate Detrimental Algorithmic Bias’
  • Dr Kayla Rush ‘Why Private Rock Schools Are Key to Understanding 21st-Century Life.’
  • Karla Cepeda ‘Safe and Trustworthy AI in MDs – a Regulatory-Friendly Framework.’
  • JJ Quinlan ‘Exploring the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Education‘
  • Benedict Lamb ‘Technology and New Interfaces in DIY Creative Practice.’
  • Dr Muhammad Adil Raja ‘A Framework for Medical Device Software Innovation Based on Neuroevolution’
  • Luke Malone ‘A Critical Examination of Otherness in Cartoon Saloon’s Irish Folklore Trilogy’
  • Zahid Irfan ‘The Application of Evolutionary Computational Methods to Mitigate Detrimental Bias in AI’
  • Darren Culliney ‘The Big 4 - A Glance at the 4 Senior Button Accordion Champions from Ulster’
  • Jawad Mahmood ‘Design of UAV-Test Bed based on Machine Learning’
  • Dr Róisín Loughran ‘Algorithmic Bias Considerations’
  • Dr Kevin McDaid ‘Sports Data Analytics at DkIT’.
  • Aminah Dastan ‘Cultural Policy in the Contemporary Festival Experience
  • Ceara Treacy ‘Med-I: Medical Technology Ireland’

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