NETLAKE Citizen Science 2016

The NETLAKE Citizen Science 2016, championed by Laura Seelan of NIOO (NL), together with NETLAKE WG3 leaders Lisette de Senerpont Domis and Giovanna Flaim, has successfully brought together NETLAKE scientists and citizen scientists to monitor over 25 lakes across Europe.  The project involves two surveys:  1. using a T bag index to measure decomposition rates in our lakes - see  T bags are deployed in the shallow areas at the edge of the lake (the littoral zone), and at some sites also at 1m in deeper water where possible; 2.  sampling lakes for the presence of micro-plastics has been undertaken.  Participants also have taken temperature measurements at the littoral and deep water site using ibuttons, and other measurements of trophic status where possible (e.g. Secchi, Forel-Ule index, macrophyte leaf width).

Details on the project, the six great protocols that have been developed, and the latest results can be found here:

There is also lots of great photos and reports on the NETLAKE Citizen Science Facebook page: