NETLAKE COST Action >> Data acquisition and management WG 1

Data acquisition and management WG 1

Leaders: Alo Laas (EE), Don Pierson (SE), Elvira de Eyto (IE)

The activities undertaken by this group were key to the core Action goal of more effectively measuring, sharing and utilising automated monitoring data from lakes across Europe. With a goal of fostering collaboration and data sharing, WG 1 in NETLAKE has developed a searchable metadatabase that allows scientists and policy experts to know which sites are being monitored and what data are available. A set of facsheets on best practice protocols were also developed to provide advice on data collection and sensor maintenance, and to ensure that data are processed and stored in compatible formats. 

  • A meta-database on high resolution lake monitoring sites.
  • Best practice operating procedures and monitoring protocols.
  • Data handling and QA/QC methodologies specific for these large datasets.