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Informing policy and management WG 4

Leader: Rafa Marce (ES)

Typical applications of high frequency monitoring for lake and reservoir management include monitoring the changing frequency of algal blooms, monitoring water quality for supply, and high turbidity levels after periods of heavy rain. The WG aimed to benefit users by having a network that informed them of new developments and allowed them to compare results and access analysis tools. This WG has completed an overview of the use of HFM data for management of water resources across Europe (submitted).  It has overseen a set of three case studies on topics identified by managers in a special workshop in year 1 of the Action.  The WG has also provided a platform for exchanges between managers at NETLAKE sites, SMEs, and researchers and disseminated on new technology at NETLAKE meetings through presentations from local SMEs. 


  • Discussion forum on new developments in technology and management requirements.
  • Report and peer-reviewed publication on the use of in situ sensor data to support the WFD.
  • Set of Case Studies that demonstrate how lake buoys can support management.