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Tartu, High Frequency Data Analysis, 2015

Centre for Limnology, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Rannu Parish, Tartu County, Estonia

01-04 June 2015 

Course leaders: Ian Jones (Center for Hydrology and Ecology, UK), Biel Obrador (University of Barcelona, Spain), Ellie Mackay (Center for Hydrology and Ecology, UK ), Jesper Christensen (Aarhus University, Denmark), Rosana Aguilera (University of Barcelona), Eleanor Jennings (Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland)

High-frequency data analysis: the overall aim of this course was to train NETLAKE participants in “state of the art” techniques and tools to manage, explore and analyse high-frequency data from automatic monitoring stations on lakes. The course was designed to be beneficial to two different audiences:  1) students and early-stage researchers that make use of automated high frequency measurements; and 2) more senior scientists who would like to gain a better understanding of data processing and modelling tools currently used by the high-frequency community. Specific methods included in the course were lake physics, lake metabolism and time series analysis.