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Erken Training School, June 2014

Automated Monitoring and High-Frequency Data Analysis , Erken Laboratory, Sweden, 12-17 June 2014

Course leaders: Don Pierson, Erken Laboratory, Uppsala University, Niklas Strömbeck of Strömbeck Consulting, Eleanor Jennings, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Liz Ryder, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Alo Laas (Estonian University of Life Sciences).  

Aim of this Training School: the overall aim of this course was to train participants in “state of the art” environmental sensors, data acquisition and computing technologies needed to automatically monitor lake processes and effectively analyse and distribute the large amount of data acquired by automatic monitoring stations.The course was designed to be beneficial to two different audiences:  1) postgraduate students and Early Stage Researchers participating in research and joint experiments that make use of that make use of automated high frequency monitoring methods; and 2) lake managers and more senior scientists who wanted to gain a better understanding of the capability of automated water quality monitoring and how it could benefit their monitoring programs. 

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