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Joan Père Casa Ruiz

NETLAKE STSM 2015 to Uppsala University, Sweden

The STSM will focus on the identification of the dissolved organic matter (DOM) components that are precursors of trihalomethanes (THM) in drinking waters. To do so, trihalomethane concentrations and DOM optical properties of water samples from three different drinking water facilities will be used. Fluorescence excitation-emission matrices will be corrected and decomposed into different dissolved organic matter components by the use of dimensionality reduction techniques (probably PARAFAC). Such components will be then related to the trihalomethane concentrations measured in the drinking water treatment plants. Additionally, THM and colored DOM high-frequency data will be used to assess the influence of lake/reservoir DOM dynamics on the formation of THM after chlorination. Finally, a simple field monitoring approach to distinguish raw waters with high trihalomethane formation potential will be proposed. This STSM will be performed in collaboration with Dr. Núria Catalán (Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden), and Dr. Dolly Kothawala (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden)). The collaboration between the three researchers will take advantage of a wide spectrum of specific knowledge, including dissolved organic matter spectroscopic characterization and dissolved organic matter field monitoring in relation to reduce the occurrence of disinfection by-products in drinking waters.