Dr Helmi Saidi

NETLAKE STSM to UFZ, Magdeburg, host Dr Matthias Koschorreck

It is undeniable that CO2 emissions from freshwater systems are an important part of the global carbon cycle. This short-term scientific mission was undertaken by Helmi Saidi, currently working as a research fellow at the Institute of Ecosystem Study, Verbania, Italy.  The aim was to take advantage of an important database of monitoring data from more than 40 water reservoirs, which has been compiled by UFZ, to develop a workflow to estimate the flux of CO2 from different reservoirs. The flux of CO2 across the air–water interface was determined from the difference between the CO2 concentration in surface water and the CO2 concentration in the air multiplied by the gas transfer velocity. The STSM included data processing and analysis. During the last period of this mission, Helmi visited the Rappbode Reservoir Observatory, which includes a set of online-sensors for the measurement of physical, chemical, and biological variables and participated in limnological sampling.