Lyubov Bragina

NETLAKE STSM 2013 to Uppsala University, Sweden.

This STSM was focused on training of a post-graduate student from the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland, to the University of Uppsala, Sweden, to work with Stefan Bertilsson.  It provided training in different approaches for the detection of the microbiological community within the freshwater environment (lakes and rivers) including the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) methods that allow identification of DNA for all microorganisms in the sample, and fluorescence microscopy that permits a rapid way for enumeration of bacterioplankton. Bacteria play a major role in the water environment driving many processes (decomposition of organic matter, fixation of nitrogen from dissolved molecular N2, denitrification and transformation and supply essential micronutrients for other organisms).