NEFHEA meets in different member organisations about once every six months so that we have an opportunity to learn more about each other’s work and the administration and facilitation of the meeting is shared.


The Scope of the NEFHEA has been agreed as:

  1. Develop collectively ‘College experience’ opportunities such as shadowing, use of facilities, student and staff liaison with FE, staff exchange and shadowing
  2. Co-ordinate and collaborate on curricular to support student transition and progression
  3. Guarantee progression routes from FE to participating IoTs, while recognising that this may not be possible for all programmes
  4. Identify expertise & supports that could be shared between FE & HE Institutions that support student learning, retention and progression. This would include learner assessment, targeted learning support, shared services such as ICT, Library & E-Learning
  5. Develop collaboratively a Pre Entry to College Module, which will be run in each FE College, is a prerequisite for entry into an IoT and which addresses ‘know’ key issues/skills/competencies.


The Values of the NEFHEA are:

  • Spirit of partnership/co-operation (mutually supportive) to underpin the work.
  • Progression/welfare of the students should be central and govern all we do.
  • Try to work towards consensus. Look for compromise/adjustments where conflict may arise e.g. in Working Groups. There is quite a lot of flexibility in choosing FETAC elective modules and writing own programmes.

Sub Groups

In order to progress its intentions there are a number of sub-groups in operation. These include:

  • Access Sub Group
  • Business / Sport
  • IT
  • Caring Group
  • Engineering and Science

Colleges Involved

The organisations involved in the Group are: