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Becoming a Member

All the information you need to become a member of De Chastelain Library.

We offer membership to those over the age of 18. Members can borrow 8 items at any one time, including DVDs and CDs.

We recommend that you first become a member of Louth County Libraries and ask for your data to be transferred to us through our joint 1 Card 6 Libraries initiative. It's free to join Louth County Libraries.

How to Become a Member



Option 1:

Already a member of Louth County Libraries?




Apply to join DkIT Library here.

Option 2:

Not currently a member of Louth County Libraries?


You have the option to avail of paid membership of DkIT Library here.

Terms and Conditions

By completing the application form above and clicking submit you agree to abide by the terms and conditions associated with this membership, as specified below, and declare that you are 18 years of age or over.

  • Borrowing rights only are associated with membership of the De Chastelain Library.
  • The Library Card is not an ID Card.
  • Readers are liable for any loss or damage to Library property issued on their account. In the event of readers failing to return items Library services may be withdrawn until items are paid.
  • Loans are for fixed periods only.
  • Members may borrow up to 8 items. All loans are subject to recall.
  • Access to databases and other subscribed electronic resources is NOT included in De Chastelain Library Membership.
  • Books and articles not available in the Library may be obtained through interlibrary loan from other sources but external users will be charged for this service.
  • Membership will be withdrawn if the Library Code of Conduct is breached.