Studying in the Library

Information and tips for studying in the Library for DkIT Students & Staff.

The Library creates physical and virtual learning spaces and services for people to study individually. This includes spaces for people to engage with and create knowledge, PCs and Wi-Fi serviced areas, and spaces for materials and services.

Given that the Covid 19 pandemic poses serious threat to life and health, we have had to make the decision to offer more of our services online. While we remain a hybrid Library mixing physical face to face services and virtual ones, we feel that 80% of our collections, teaching, engagements and work will now be online.

In our physical and virtual environment, we are committed to enabling and facilitating student success.

The Library space accommodates silent and individual study only.

Booking your Study Space 

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, you must book a study space if you want to study in the Library or browse the shelves. At level 5, please book your study space one day in advance and cancel your booking if you don't need it. You can book for a session of 90 minutes or less. The space will be for your own silent individual study.

Details on How to Book

When you come to the Library: 1) show confirmation of your booking (phone screen will do) and 2) bring your student ID card.

Tips & Guides

Be considerate of others:

We ask that you read and are familiar with the Library Code of Conduct and that you 

  • Plan your visit 
  • Make an appointment 
  • Come at the appointed time
  • Come prepared and plan to stay for 90 minutes maximum and a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Bring your student card 
  • Have your booking confirmation ready to get access at library entrance
  • Bring water but not food or hot drinks 
  • Keep left
  • Dress warmly as windows will be open
  • Stay apart
  • Face coverings are mandatory
  • Use the sanitisers available 
  • Sanitise/clean PCs/items checked out at Self Service when you are finished
  • The study space will be cleaned once you vacate it 

Guide to using the space effectively:

  • Keep left
  • Stay apart
  • Face coverings are mandatory