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Graduation for International Students

Details on the graduation process for International Students at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

The Institute’s annual conferring of Awards ceremony takes place at the beginning of November. Conferring ceremonies are joyful occasions in the life of the Institute, when the community at DkIT comes together to honour its new graduates, and their family and friends.

The Awards Office at DkIT will contact you via your DkIT email address with information on how to register for Conferring.

Details about Graduation

Unable to attend the ceremony?

If you have returned to your home country and are unable to attend the Conferring Ceremony, your parchment will be awarded to you in your absence (in absentia). You are required to confirm your non-attendance by completing an online form. You can nominate a fellow-student/friend in writing authorising him/her to collect your Parchment on your behalf.

Where Parchments are not collected and requested in writing at a later future date, they can be retrieved and dispatched to your home-address on payment of an administrative fee. Find Out More.

Graduation Information

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