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Supporting Your Arrival

So, you have chosen your course and are now ready to embark on your studies at DkIT. With more than 30 nationalities and over 50 student clubs represented on campus, DkIT is an exciting and diverse place that we're sure you're going to love.

To help all new international students to settle into life in Ireland and at DkIT, we have put together this useful arrival guide to help make the transition as easy as possible.

1. Airport-Collection

DkIT International Office will arrange an airport collection service if your accommodation has been arranged by DkIT International Office.

2. Money and Cost-of-Living

Once your accommodation and deposit have been paid in advance, you are advised not to carry large amounts of cash with you on your arrival to Ireland. A guide amount of €500 should be sufficient. Bring your ATM and Credit Card. Check that your ATM Card can be used in Ireland to withdraw money. This will limit risks of carrying cash but will incur charges for withdrawals, or purchases.

More details on money and the cost of living

3. International Welcome Days

DkIT International Office coordinates International Welcome Days. It is very important for all new international students to attend these welcome days. The purpose of these days is to:

  • Welcome you to DkIT and introduce you to the campus
  • Meet fellow new international students
  • Meet academic and student services staff
  • Complete registration
  • Learn more about Ireland and some of the cultural differences you can expect to find
  • Learn about important facilities and supports available to you
  • Socialise with other new international students on a day-trip

4. Class-Start Dates

Class for Year 1 and Foundation Students normally commences on the 2nd Monday of September. Classes for all other students (Year 2, 3, 4 and Master students) normally commences on the 3rd Monday of September.

It is important that you arrive at DkIT in time for International Welcome Days and in time for your programme-commencement. Institute cut-off point for late-arriving students is approximately 2 weeks after commencement of the programme.

5. Academic year

The academic year at DkIT is divided into 2 semesters. The Institute’s Academic Calendar can be viewed online. Typical class contact hours weekly is 25 hours, depending on the programme of study. The programme typically consists of lectures, tutorials and/or lab practicals. It is your responsibility to maintain regular class-attendance.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate you being absent from your programme temporarily, or needing to apply to defer your exams due to absence, it is important that you communicate with your Head of Department on this matter.

In the event of you needing to withdraw from your programme please familiarize yourself with the International Refund Policy available on our fees section.

6. Examinations

Semester examinations typically consist of scheduled examinations and continuous assessment. Continuous assessment may account for up to 50% of a module-weighting, so regular class-attendance is very important. Continuous assessments may be oral, written, presentation based, group projects or lab practicals.

Scheduled Semester 1 examinations take place in January. Scheduled Semester 2 examinations take place in May and all repeat examinations take place in August.

Examination timetables are published one month before the start of exams so please be sure to check your examination timetable before you book your flights home. More details of examinations can be found here.

Questions about your arrival?

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