Letter Requests & Other Forms


Letter Requests

If you need a letter from the International Office for things like a Re-Entry Visa, Confirmation of Study etc. you need to first fill up a Letter Request Form (download from button below). Your letter will be ready electronically, or to collect from the Office in 24 hours.
Email your letter request to international@dkit.ie

Repeat Student Admission Forms

For students that need to repeat modules and attend, please complete the Repeat Student Admission Form which is available to download from below.

Visa Re-Entry Forms:

Please download the Visa Re-Entry Form via the button below and complete the instructions below.

Change of Address Form:

If you are a student at DkIT and you change your address, please download the Change of Address Form via the button below and complete the instructions within.

Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)

As an International Student (non-Erasmus) you are required to have a Personal Public Service Number (PPSN).
You can obtain this number by visiting the Dundalk Social Welfare Office and filling in a PPS Number Application Form (REG 1) (Can be downloaded below) there.  Full details are also available online at www.welfare.ie 

Have a question about letter forms?

Contact: +353-0429370350 ext. 2350 international@dkit.ie

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