Accommodation in Dundalk

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Student union website publishes the updated information about accommodations ( ), and the meanwhile you can also gather information through agents or related website . The following details tell you accommodation in Dundalk:

There is one hall-of-residence on campus called Student Village. There are two main other halls-of-residence off-campus. Setanta & Oriel and Mourne View Hall . Setanta is located on Dublin Road, which will take you five minutes walk from DKIT. Mourne View hall is 10-15 minutes walking distance from DKIT.

Halls-of-residence are not the property of the Institute. The halls-of-residence are independently owned and independently managed and any contract entered into is between you and the hall-of-residence management. Contracts are legally-binding.

The accommodation price depends on your selection of a single or double room.

When you live in the accommodation or rented house, you will normally be asked to pay a month's fee with deposit, which is refundable in full at the end of your lease, provided you have paid all your bills and leave the apartment intact.

Houses on the rental market in Dundalk generally have three or four bedrooms, a kitchen, living-room and bathroom. They vary in size from 850 square meters to about 1200 square meters. One bedroom is always very small.

The houses are furnished although the kitchen will contain only basic equipment like cutlery, crockery and saucepans. Students normally have to buy their own duvets and pillows.

The accommodation cost in Dundalk is about € 80 per week.

Your rent does not include utility costs such as waste disposal, heating, phone or electricity. Each landlord will have his or her own mechanism for collecting charges. Many will simply put your name on the relevant bill, which you are then obliged to pay. Usually the utility company will only accept one name on a bill, so it is important to decide as a group how best to manage this.

Waste disposal is expensive in Ireland. You may purchase waste disposal bags from a waste-provider company.