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Regional Development Centre

The Regional Development Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology supports companies across the North East to achieve global success.

Supporting companies across the North East to achieve global success.

Success in today's dynamic business environment depends on innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial approach. Based at the heart of the DkIT campus, the RDC uses this approach to transform the way academics, business and industry across the North East work in partnership to achieve success.

Our role is to build strong links between research and business, to better develop, support and create high-growth enterprise. We work with many organisations; from student start-ups and academic spin outs to SMEs and multinationals, and on a variety of projects. From the very earliest stages of exploring a novel business idea to scaling and growing an established enterprise, we provide supports and guidance to companies at each key stage of development.

Since our inception in 1989, the RDC has supported in excess of 315 Applied Research projects with industry, supported in excess of 1350 entrepreneurs through development programmes, and incubated over 200 companies.

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Regional Development Centre at DkIT