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Working with industry

Established in 1989 by Dundalk Institute of Technology, the Regional Development Centre (www.rdc.ie) is the Institute’s Innovation Support and Technology Transfer organisation.

The Centre is the commercially oriented interface between DkIT and the industrial, commercial and business life of the region, and makes available the expertise, facilities and resources of the Institute for the wider benefit of the regional economy.

The Centre achieves this through the following range of programmes and activities:

  • Technology Transfer
  • Entrepreneurial Development Programmes
  • Incubation Facilities for Knowledge and Technology-Based Enterprises
  • Applied Research
  • Sectoral & Regional Development Initiatives
  • Spearheading and Supporting EU and Cross-Border Development Initiatives
  • Networking with Agencies and Organisations at Regional, National and International Level

The key strategic objectives of the Centre are:

  • Contribute to industry in the area of technology transfer and innovation in a real and measurable way by developing innovative ways of bringing expertise to the companies through expertise, facilities, networking etc
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other colleges and universities to become a specialised centre of technology transfer, innovation and creativity in specific sectors.
  • Support the development of the regional economy through the early-stage development of quality high tech companies in the region.
  • Develop overseas partnerships in key areas to bring ideas, innovation and expertise to the industrial and commercial sector.
  • To develop a suite of developmental programmes to aid companies in streamlining their product and process innovation skills by harnessing local, regional, national and international expertise.

The Regional Development Centre has been awarded the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standard.

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