Netwell Centre

The Netwell Centre is a collaborative venture formed between DkIT, the Dundalk Town Council (DTC) and the Health Services Executive (HSE). It is housed within the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Applied Sciences, and is located on the DkIT campus.

 The centre’s primary objectives are to:

  • Home-health technologies - Develop the region’s applied research base for producing integrated well-being and health-related technologies and services for elderly citizens in their homes – including those with disabilities and cognitive impairment
  • Focus on post-diagnostic interventions - Build IP through developing a unique competency in ‘integrated home-based post-diagnostic digital interventions’ to compliment existing centres of excellence in sensor-based early detection and knowledge engineering.
  • Product innovation for regional enterprise - Assist new and existing regional SMEs to (re)direct innovative products and services towards the senior citizens’ home-based e-health markets, through integrating and commercialising IP developed within the centre.
  • Influence public health policy - Through the successful implementation of outputs through partner companies, achieve an indirect target of reducing the need for institutional care.