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  • When will I be registering?

    1st Year students will be required to register online after you receive your registration pack. Registration timetables will be available in due course. More details about 1st Year Registration.

    Continuing students please note that you will be requested to register online from Tuesday 15th August. Further details for continuing students

  • If I don't have confirmation that my grant is awarded, can I still register?

    • 1st Yrs/New students - You may be Temporarily Registered (TR) if you have applied for a grant and are awaiting a decision – you must quote your SUSI reference number.
    • Continuing Students - All continuing students must register online visit: 

    You may be Temporarily Registered (TR) if your grant is being renewed and you are awaiting the renewal letter from the granting body. You may also be Temporarily Registered if you have applied for a grant due to a change in circumstances since last year.

  • I am 1st Year student from Northern Ireland. What information do I need to bring with me to registration?

    If in receipt of grant assistance or funding, a letter from your Education and Library Board/Student Loan Company/SUSI confirming that registration fees and (where applicable) tuition fees will be paid on behalf of the student should be provided at registration.

    Information on financial support for students from Northern Ireland is available by visiting

  • Can someone else register for me?

    Online registration will be available for continuing students, eligible to progress on their programme, from Tuesday 15th August.

  • What is a Temporary Registration?

    A Temporary Registration (TR) may be given to a student in certain circumstances where the student has fees outstanding, or is awaiting a decision on a grant application.

    Full registration will be granted on payment of all outstanding fees or furnishing the Academic Administration Office with a grant awarding letter. Please note that students who are temporarily registered have full access to all normal student facilities.

  • I've already registered and I want to change course - can I?

    1st Years: You may change course during the first few weeks of term only and to those programmes that have available places.

    You should apply for an available place through the CAO – you must meet the minimum entry requirements, and there may be competition for places. Students are also advised to consult with our Careers Service before deciding on any change of programme. 

    You will be able to complete your registration online for the academic year 2023/2024. If in doubt, contact the Academic Administration Office at (042) 9370230.


  • I sat repeat examinations in August and still haven't got a registration pack. When will I register?

    Details of registration will be sent to you by email as soon as possible after the issue of repeat examination results. In the meantime, and with the prior approval of your Head of Dept., you may attend classes.

  • I am a third year student and will be abroad on my registration date - what do I do?

    You will be able to complete your registration online for the academic year 2023/2024. If in doubt, contact the Academic Administration Office at (042) 9370230.

  • Where can I collect my Student ID Card?

    1st year students will be able to collect their student cards at induction provided they have registered online and paid their facilities fee.

    Continuing students may continue to use the student card issued to them at the start of their programme.

  • Is the Student Contribution Fee a once-off charge?

    All fees quoted are annual fees, as set by the Department of Education and Skills.

  • Is the Student Contribution Fee fixed?

    The Student Contribution Fee is set annually by the Department of Education & Skills, and is subject to annual changes. The fee for 2023/24 is €3,000.

  • I have been awarded a Back to Education Allowance (BTEA). I haven't applied for a grant. Do I have to pay the Student Contribution Fee?

    All students are charged the Student Contribution Fee. Those students in receipt of grant assistance may have their Student Contribution Fee paid for them by the grant awarding authority. Since 2010, students may not avail of both the BTEA and a maintenance grant. However, students who opt to avail of the BTEA may also apply to SUSI to have their Student Contribution Fee paid.

    Students who are awarded the BTEA and have not applied for a grant must pay the Student Contribution Fee.

  • I am a post graduate research student. My supervisor says that the fees are being paid on my behalf. When should I register and what documentation do I need to bring with me?

    All research students are required to register online at the start of each academic year. The Academic Administration Office, upon receipt of the list of current research students, will send you your registration pack and notify you of the registration date.

  • Why have I been charged tuition fees?

    Eligibility for the free fees scheme is subject to certain criteria, for more information visit:

    If you are not eligible for the free fees scheme, you will be charged both Tuition Fee and the Student Contribution Fee.  

    Students who are repeating and attending a stage of a programme, or who have previously attended a 3rd level programme may not be eligible for free fees – details are available from the Admissions Officer.

  • I am not entitled to a grant, but can't afford to pay all of the Student Contribution Fee at once. Can I pay in instalments?

    DKIT’s Fees Policy is to collect half fees at registration and the remainder prior to commencement of the second semester.  Students should familiarise themselves with the procedures for collection of fees, which is available at the following here

  • When is the latest date I can inform the Institute I am withdrawaing from the course and still obtain a refund? Where do I get the forms?

    Undergraduate students who notify the Institute that they have withdrawn from their programme on or before 31st October may have their fees refunded in full.

    A student who withdraws on or before the 31st January may have half their fees refunded, provided the full fee has been paid.

    A Withdrawal Form must be completed and submitted to obtain a refund. This can be found at 

  • I have got an offer for a place in Nursing but I've heard the fees are very expensive. Do I have to pay all the fees?

    The Free Fees Initiative applies to Nursing/Midwifery programmes also. The fee charged to those Nursing/Midwifery students who are not eligible for free fees in 2023/24 is €7,231 including the Student Contribution and Facilities Fee.

    DKIT’s Fees Policy is to collect the Facilities Fee plus half of other fees due at registration, and the balance by 31st January 2024.

  • When will I get my first grant payment? How will I be paid?

    Details on grant payments and the maintenance grant schedule are available here

  • I haven't applied for a grant but I believe I might be eligible for one - where do I apply?

    Details on grants are available at the following links:

  • When will I get my student card?

    1st year students will be able to collect their student cards at induction provided they have registered online and paid their facilities fee.

    Continuing students may continue to use the student card issued to them at the start of their programme.

  • Is there a map of the campus anywhere?

  • I need student accommodation, who do I contact?

    Details on accommodation are available from the Students’ Union Office and SU website.

    T. +353 (0)42 9370270


  • When will the repeat examination results be available?

  • I would like to repeat and attend. What is the process to enable me to do that? How much will it cost?

    The repeat and attend option is subject to availability of places. You should contact your Head of Department and complete a Repeat & Attending Admission Form with them.

    Fees are charged on a per-credit basis.

    Further information can be found at 

  • I need a statement of fees paid. Where do I get it?

    A Statement of Fees is available from the Academic Administration Office.


  • My parent/guardian needs the Institute to stamp a Social Welfare/ Medical Card/ Drugs Prescription form. Where do I get that done?

    Forms may be stamped by any one of the following offices:

    • Your Dept. Office
    • Academic Administration Office
    • Student Services Office

    You need to be registered and have your Student ID Card for identification purposes with you before Institute staff can stamp your form.

  • I need confirmation from the Institute that I am attending this academic year. Where do I get the Certificate of Attendance?

    Certificates of Attendance can be obtained from your Department Office.

  • My family is finding it difficult to assist me financially this year. Can DkIT help?

    Registered students may apply for assistance from the Students’ Assistance Fund. Application forms are available from the Student Services Office.

  • I've recently changed address. Does the Institute need my new address?

    Yes, you should notify the Academic Administration Office (and CAO, if you are a current CAO applicant) in writing as soon as possible of any change to your contact information (eg address, email, phone).


  • I want to defer my CAO offer? How do I do that?

    If you have received an offer from the CAO and wish to defer the offer, please do not accept the offer.

    Instead, please complete a CAO Deferral Form (available at which must be received by DkIT Academic Administration Office before the CAO offer reply closing date (as published on

  • I am a current student and I want to defer my place? How do I do that? Am I guaranteed a place next year?

    Registered students may apply for a deferral of their course by completing a Deferral Application Form with their Head of Dept.

    Students who are granted a deferral will be guaranteed their place, subject to the programme running in the following year.

  • When will the timetables be available?

    Class Timetables will be made available in September.

    Examination Timetables are available at

  • I have lost my student card - can I get a replacement?

    You may get a replacement student card in the Academic Administration Office. An administration fee of €10 will apply for this service.

  • I have forgotten my email username and password - where can I find this?

    A reprint of your original username and password (used for first time registration) can be obtained from the Academic Admissions Office.

    Your username is your DkIT student email address.

    If you have previously changed your Moodle password from the original, you will need to use the "forgotten password" reset option or contact the IT Helpdesk to ask for a reset by email at

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