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Repeat Registration

Guidelines for Repeats

*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT FOR PREVIOUSLY DEFERRED MODULES* Information on these can be found on our Previously Deferred Modules Page

Registering for Repeats

  • If you wish to retake any failed modules during the 2023/2024 Academic Year, you must register and pay online between the  2nd of October and  3rd of November 2023.
  • You can register using the Reapply link at the bottom of your results online https://ssb.dkit.ie/StudentSelfService/
  • Please note that if you are not in a position to pay straight away you can still register and pay afterwards using the Account Information option in Self Service. You will NOT be able to pay on the results page if you do not do this initially.
  • N.B. You must register for all subjects you have failed, including final exams, placement/internship, or 100% CA, practical’s, projects etc. to ensure the results can be processed.
  • The cost for repeating is €50 regardless of how many modules you need to repeat.
  • Any applications after the 3rd  of November may not be accepted. An additional €50 late registration (total €100) will be applied to all late registrations. Please note that if you have not registered for your repeat examination your module may not be timetabled and / or your name will not appear on the examination seating plan. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered and the Examination Office accepts no responsibility for students who are not registered sitting an incorrect examination paper.
  • If you are unsure of which modules to choose please contact the Examination Office at [email protected]

Approved to Progress

If you have an Academic Standing of “Approved to Progress” this permits you to continue to the next stage of your programme.  However, you will still be carrying the 5 outstanding credits into the following Academic Year.  You must clear this deficit (ie pass the outstanding module(s)) before you can progress any further, or Graduate.

We strongly advise you to take your outstanding module in the Autumn session of the same year so you have the opportunity to progress into the next stage without this deficit.  However, if you choose not to do this, the onus will be on you to ensure you register for, and take, your outstanding module(s) during the following Academic Year.

You must register online, using the “Reapply” link that is at the bottom of your results page, to retake this module during the current Academic Year.  Irrespective of the type of module (Final Assessment, Continuous Assessment, Project, Practical etc), you must still register on it.


If you are unsure of what modules you need to repeat please contact your school office.

If you are due to progress, registration for the next stage of your programme in 2023/24 will open in August for full-time students who are eligible to progress to the next stage of their programme or for students who are progressing onto add-on programmes.

Students who have autumn examinations or need to complete placement will be notified of registration at a later date.

For any other examination-related queries, please contact the Examinations Office ([email protected]). 



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