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Qualifying Modules

Qualifying Modules - Award Stage Level 7 Students

 There is a procedure to allow students to qualify for access to Honours Bachelors Programmes if they have not gained the minimum average.

If you have not gained an average (GPA) of 50% in your Level 7 Ordinary Bachelor Degree, but you wish to apply for progression to the relevant Level 8 Honours Bachelors programme, you may retake modules you have already passed with a view to increasing this average.  The marks gained in your Qualifying modules, will be used to recalculate the average only for the purpose of gaining admission to the relevant Level 8 programme.  In order to qualify you must improve your average over all subjects to 50%. 

The new results will not affect the original results, on your transcription or your original grade.

You can attempt to do this by repeating any final examination which you have passed already. The marks gained in this examination will be used to recalculate your average. If it equates or exceeds 50% you will be deemed to be eligible for the Honours Programme. 

Please note that eligibility does not guarantee admission onto the Honours Degree programme.  There are a limited number of places and the priority will be given to those with Distinction, Merit 1 and Merit 2.  If there are places then available, they will be offered to Qualifying candidates.

 N.B. If you have not yet passed and have to repeat modules you must also repeat these.

 If you wish to apply to sit for qualifying examinations, please complete the attached form and submit it to the Exams Office by Friday 7th July, 2023 at 5pm.  Late Applications will not be accepted. The fee for the qualifying examinations is €50.00 per examination.  Once we have recived your application we will contact you regarding payment.





THE CLOSING DATE IS Friday 7th July, 2023 at 5pm.