Academic Appeals

N.B. Learners who have failed or have gained exemptions and who are applying for rechecks or appeals should also register for the repeat Examinations.

Academic Consultation

  • Academic Staff are available to discuss examination results with students on the dates and times published.
  • Students are strongly advised to attend these sessions if they intend to apply for a recheck or appeal of their results.  Consultation details are available here.


This is the administrative operation of checking the recording and calculation of examination marks (i.e. adding up the marks already given to ensure they are calculated correctly). The fee is €15 per subject for a recheck.


A learner may request an appeal of the decision of the Board of Examiners only on the following grounds:

  • That the Board of Examiners did not give sufficient weight to any extenuating circumstance notified to the School prior to the holding of the Examination Board Meeting.
  • That the examination was not conducted in accordance with the relevant Institute regulations.
  • That there was a material administrative error or irregularity in the assessment procedure, which made a real and substantive difference to the Candidate’s results.
  • That the written examination mark given was substantially at variance with the pattern of the Candidate’s previous performance levels in the module element(s) concerned. A substantial variance would normally represent a difference of not less than 20% of marks available for that element.

Where the Registrar is satisfied that the grounds listed above are not established, the original mark or grade shall stand.

Appeals should be made to the Registrar via the link below, who, if satisfied that an appeal of the academic decision is warranted on one or more of the above grounds, shall authorise that the examination material on which the mark or grade was based, be forwarded to an appropriately qualified and independent external examiner for review.  Students are strongly advised to provide as much information as possible to support the grounds on which they are basing their appeal. 

  • IMPORTANT: Appeal submissions that do not meet the grounds for appeal set out above will not be allowed. Reasons such as "I thought I did better" or "I studied very hard" are not grounds for appeal.
  • No further appeal is permitted.
  • A fee will apply for rechecks and appeals as determined from time to time by DkIT. The current fee is €65 per subject for an appeal.
  • Any student applying for an Appeal or Recheck is strongly advised to attend their Consultation. 

Appeals for the January 2024 exam session will open on the 12th of February at 5 p.m. and will close at 4 p.m. on the 16th of February. The link will be available on this page.