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Examination Results & Registering for Repeat Modules

Examination Results Online

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to access your results until you receive an email, to your student email account, from exams@dkit.ie with your logon details. 

If you have difficulty with your student email account, please contact the IT Helpdesk (https://helpdesk.dkit.ie or 042-9370300).  If you receive the mail with your logon details and still have difficulties, please contact exams@dkit.ie
or call 042-9370235


To quickstart, follow these steps:

1. Click on: Enter Secure Area. This opens up the User Login screen.

2. Enter the User ID (student ID number with a capital D) and PIN that was provided in the email and then click on Login.

3. If this is your first time logging into the Student Self Service, you will be advised that Your PIN has expired. This is an added layer of security.  In this case, you will need to enter a new PIN of your choosing.  You will also be asked to set security questions.

4. Next choose Student Services and Financial Aid (you will see that it says "View your Academic Records" under this).

5. Choose the relevant term

Details of Results will be listed below: 

  • Department of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Studies - Monday 17th September, after 12pm. 

                With the exception of Award Stage results for the Level 8 programmes in General Nursing, Intellectual Disability Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, and Midwifery -           those results will be released after 3pm on Wednesday 26th of September, 2018.    

  • Department of Applied Sciences - Monday 17th Sepetember, after 12pm.
  • School of Engineering - Tuesday 18th September, after 10am.
  • School of Informatics & Creative Arts - Monday 17th September, after 12pm.
  • School of Business and Humanities - Wednesday 19th September, after 10am.


PLEASE NOTE:  Queries in relation to specific module results should be brought to Consultation.  Consultation details are available at:

Consultations details are listed on the Further Information Section.


Please note, no results will be issued over the phone from the Examinations Office.

Your results will only become available when you receive an e-mail from the Examinations Office (exams@dkit.ie) with your logon details.  If you receive the mail with your logon details, and still have difficulties in accessing your results, please contact exams@dkit.ie.

If you are having problems with your student e-mail account (eg forgotten password), please contact the IT Helpdesk.  Please note, you will need to go in person to have this done. 

Transcripts of Results will not be posted out to students until all the results have been Ratified at Academic Council.  This is only done when you have completed your studies for the Academic Year; for most students this is after the Summer semester.

Information on registering online for external repeat modules will be updated in due course.

NOTE:  Any student with outstanding fees will have their Online Results and Official Transcript withheld until the fees are paid.  This includes any student who takes a repeat subject for which they did not register.  Any student with outstanding fees will be unable to Graduate or register on the next stage of their programme.




Explanation of Results

Explanation of Results

An explanation of all the possible Academic Standings you may receive. When you receive your online results, these are provisional. Your official Transcript of Results will be posted to you.