DkIT is fully committed to its role in the economic, social and cultural development of the region.  This plan has a particular focus on developing learners and graduates with the following qualities:

  • Excellent in their discipline
  • Able to apply disciplinary and trans-disciplinary knowledge, especially focusing on entrepreneurship and sustainability
  • Able to contribute globally as well as locally
  • Personal and employability qualities to include an ability to solve complex problems; critical thinking; systems thinking and capacity for on-going learning

In order to develop graduates with the qualities our mission requires, a series of goals and objectives under three different pillars are outlined in Our Strategy.  The intention of all of the goals and actions is to create an organization, an approach to regional and community development and an approach to knowledge development which is aligned with our core vision, mission and values.

The pillars are:

  1. Knowledge Asset meaning our work in scholarship (teaching, learning, research) and knowledge transfer
  2. Community and Development meaning our role in the enhancement of the social, economic and cultural life of the community on a regional, national and international level.
  3. Organisation meaning the processes and resources that underpin our work. 

Each of these pillars represents a critical aspect of DkIT and, together, they contribute to the development of our graduates and the overall objectives of the Institute.

Sustainability, entrepreneurship and engagement (local and international) are core themes running throughout all strategic activity. 

  • Sustainability– future-proofing so that today’s solution doesn’t become tomorrow’s problem. Understanding the inter-related social, economic and environmental impacts of all we do and progressing under each measure rather than any one to the cost of others
  • Entrepreneurship - a capacity to create new responses and innovations in the economic, social and cultural environment interfacing with external stakeholders and fostering the development of the region
  • Local & International Engagement - ensuring that opportunities for knowledge exchange and co-creation are fostered in its aims to promote and deliver a partnership approach as a learner-centred institute for the benefit of its wider public, civic, economic and community constituents


  1. Learning and Teaching:  Placing focus on the learner to fully realise their potential through the provision of high quality relevant programmes.
  2. Flexible Delivery:  To systematically embed blended learning and technology enhanced learning within the Institute
  3. Research:   By end 2016 to be the leading Irish Institute of Technology in our research areas.
  4. Knowledge Transfer: Ensuring our research is translated into actions for the benefit of the Institute and the region it serves.
  5. Regional Economic Development:  Developing, supporting and actively engaging with entrepreneurs and industry in the North East and Cross Border Region.
  6. Regional Community Development:  Developing, supporting and actively engaging with the community in the North East region
  7. Access and Participation:  Opening pathways of opportunity and engaging new learners
  8. International relationships:  Bringing our strengths to bear on a global community.
  9. Maintaining and enhancing our profile in the National Higher Education Landscape
  10. People & Culture:  Developing and empowering our staff in a positive and supportive culture.
  11. Campus: Developing the Environment to meet the future needs of DkIT and the region it serves.
  12. Communication:  Re-affirming our internal and external message
  13. Finance:  Efficiently resourcing the Institute to implement this Strategy

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