DkIT's Sports & Societies offer you the chance to develop your interests, network and meet like-minded people.
View our A-Z of Sports & Societies below, contact them directly to join in, or work with the Sports & Societies Office to set up a new club or society.
A-Z Name Contact Social Media
  ACM Student Chapter    
A African Society    
Airsoft Club    
American Football    
Anime Society    
Archery Club
Asian Society    
Athletics Club    
B Basketball Club
Badminton Club    
Bowling Club    
Break-dancing Society    
C Camogie Club    
Chess Club    
Christian Union Society    
Circus Arts Society
Cricket Club    
Console Gaming Society    
Cinema-Filming Society    
D Dance Society    
Debating Society    
DJ Society    
Drama Society    
Dungeons & Dragons Society    
E Erasmus Student Network    
F Fencing Club
Fit 4 Life    
Film Making/Media Society    
Fianna Fail    
Fine Gael    
Fresher’s Gaelic Football Club    
G GAA Club
Go Karting Society    
Golf Club    
Gospel Choir Society    
H Hill Walking Club    
Hip Hop Club    
Hurling Club    
I Irish Dancing    
Islamic Society    
K Karate Club    
Kenpo Karate Club    
Kick-Boxing Club    
L Labour Party    
Laptop Music Production    
LGBT Society    
Ladies Gaelic Football Club    
M Macre na Feirme    
Manga & Comic Development    
Mature Students Society
Media Society
Men's Basketball    
Men's Soccer Club    
Men's Rugby Club
Music Society    
O Ogra Sinn Fein    
P Paint balling Club    
Photography Society    
Poker Society    
Pride Society    
Pool Club    
R Rugy Club    
S Salsa    
Smile Society    
Soccer Club
Student Enterprise    
Style Society
Surf Club    
T Table Tennis Club    
Traditional Music Society    
V Veterinary Nursing    
Volleyball Club
Volunteer Society    
W Women’s Rugby Club    
Womens’ Basketball Club    
Women’s Soccer Club    
Y Young Civil Engineers Society    
Young Surveyors Society    
Yoga Club    
Z Zumba Society    

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