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Studying in the Library

Welcome. If you are a DkIT student or staff memeber, keep reading. If you are a member of the public, check out our Culture and Community section.

Everyone has different study needs, such as working alone, in a group or with one other person. Because the Library was designed for fewer readers than we currently have and based on feedback we receive, we have to prioritise quiet and silent study. We realize this means that some students will be dissatisfied but readers consistently highlight the need for quiet places to study.

The Library is divided into colour-coded zones:

  • Green: whisper-level zone, for groups of three and under. This covers Floor One and all areas where readers circulate.
  • Gold: silent zone, for individual silent study. This covers Floor Two.
  • Blue: whisper-level zone, for groups of three or more. This covers the group study rooms. Rooms are available on Floors One and Two on a walk-in basis. The Anaverna, the Ferdia and the Whitaker Rooms are also available for groups to book for one hour per group. Consecutive bookings will be cancelled. Please arrive and leave on time as, due to demand, an empty room will be made available to others after fifteen minutes. Please observe appropriate noise levels so as not to disturb others.


  • Take phone calls outside the Library
  • Always have your mobile phone alerts on silent
  • Bring your student ID card. You may be asked to show it

Remember others by following the noise-level guidelines, cleaning up after yourself and giving up your study space as soon as you are finished.

Mission Possible: DkIT Library

Browsing space
Take a break from studying in this zone, with access to the Library Garden on Floor 1

PCs, laptops and printing
Use your own laptop to connect to the Wi-Fi or use one of the Library PCs.
The printing machines on Floor One also photocopy and scan.

Browsing Space

Browsing Space

Do you need to take a break from your study?
With access to the Library Garden, the Browsing Space on Floor 1 has  a listening station and a broad collection of fiction.

Contact Information
Opening Times: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm