Your membership of DkIT Library also covers Louth County Library services.

You need your Student ID Card to borrow. Bring your item to the Library Desk or self-issue machine.

How many items can I borrow?

  • Undergraduate (level 6/7/8) students = 8 items
  • Taught postgraduate students (level 9) = 15 items
  • Pure research postgraduates (level 9/10) = 15 items
  • Staff = 15 items
  • External/Louth County Library/O'Fiaich College members = 8 items

A maximum of 8 items marked as 4 day loan can be borrowed at one time. You cannot borrow if your Library fines are €3 or more.

What can I borrow?
You can borrow books, DVDs and CDs.

Journals, newspapers, theses and books marked as Library Use Only cannot be borrowed.

External/Louth County Library/O'Fiaich College members cannot borrow items marked as short loan or 4 day loan.

How long can I keep items?

  • Short loan = 1 day
  • 4 day loan = 4 days
  • 7 day loan = 7 days
  • All other items = 3 weeks

Any item borrowed may be recalled. This means it must be returned before its original due date. If we need to recall an item from you we will email you with a new due date.

Can loans be extended if I'm on placement?
Students going on placement as part of their course may apply for longer loan times for certain items. To apply complete the application form below and return to the Library Information Desk or apply online. Terms and conditions are listed on the application form.

What can I do if all copies of a book I need are on loan?
Find the book on the catalogue and click the request button. We will email you when the book is ready for collection from the Library Information Desk.

What can I do if the Library does not have the book I need?
If the Library does not own any copies of a book you need you may be able to access it from another library.

Can I borrow electronic equipment from the Library?
Yes, you can borrow laptop computers, Kindle e-readers, calculators and chargers for some models of mobile phone. There are risks associated with electricity and electronic items and it is up to you to use this equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Use of this equipment is at your own risk.




Items you borrow will automatically renew 7 times.

When an item has renewwed 7 times, or if someone else requests the item, you will receive an email asking you to return it.





You don’t need your Library card to return items.

There are several ways to return items:

Fines and Lost Items

Fines and Lost Items

For fairness to all Library members, fines are applied to ensure the prompt return of material. You are responsible for all items on your Library Account. Fines are applied as follows:

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