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The Library can only facilitate tours in September. Tours will not be available again until September 2018.

While all learners will have had a tour of the campus, we strongly recommend that this is followed up by a more detailed tour of the Library's spaces and services.  Many learners are new to using a Library and an introduction to how to use the Library, our role, and how to learn here is essential.  
After the tour, which takes about 30 minutes, attendees will be aware of:

  • How the Library is critical for learning
  • Library layout and floor plan
  • Services available
  • Where to get help
  • Choices when using the Library
  • Library charter and appropriate behaviour in the Library

We can facilitate groups of 5-20 students. Our preferred days and times are Tuesday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm in September. Complete the form below to make a booking.

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Contact Information
Opening Times: Monday-Thursday, 10am - 5pm; Friday, 10am - 4pm