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Information Literacy Prize Winners

Information Literacy is a set of life long Skills that help people be more effective at:

Understanding where information comes from
How to find it and decide if it is appropriate
How to engage in scholarly conversation
How to acknowledge scholarship through referencing and citation

The Information Literacy Prize, which is awarded every second year, recognizes work that illustrates sound Information Literacy skills. The standard each year has been very high, as demonstrated by list past winners and their work below.



The Information Literacy Prize competition 2016 focussed on the importance of working with feedback to enhance your Information Literacy skills. The competition was open to first year DkIT students from all departments.

3 IL/Feedback winners:

Sarah Craig: Prevention is better than cure

Lauren Kilmurry : Should sports performance enhancing drugs be allowed in sport

Summer Morgan : Mary Ward - An Irish Scientist 




1st year winner
Eva O’Donoghue - "The effectiveness of high intensity training in relation to health and fitness levels"

3rd/4th year winner
Maria Smyth - "Inhibiting telomerase using imetelstat"


Oksana Redina - "Social care students' preference to work with older people and their attitude towards self-ageing process"


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