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Information Literacy Prize

Calling all 1st Year College Students! Information Literacy Prize 2017/2018: Learning from feedback.

1st prize - iPad mini
2nd Prize  - Kindle Fire

In First Year you learn what is needed to have your written work taken seriously in an academic context. This involves developing a scholarly approach to finding information, using it appropriately and communicating your thoughts in a scholarly style. Perhaps the most important factor in learning to write effectively is engaging with the feedback you receive on your written work and using this to improve your academic writing. 

In recognition of the role that feedback plays in helping you develop academic writing and information literacy skills we are inviting submissions from all 1st year students in DkIT for the Information Literacy Prize 2017/2018. To enter the competition you have to submit a piece of academic writing (maximum of 2000 words). The work has to be submitted through Turnitin on Moodle. This can also be found on the LIBINFOSKILLS Library Information Skills module on Moodle. You can submit something you are presently working on, as part of your coursework, or you can write a piece specially for the competition. 

We also ask that complete a short questionnaire that looks at (a) the resources you used to complete the assignment and (b) asks you to reflect on the actual piece in terms what you think is good about it and where improvements can be made. You can use the rubric discussed below to help you reflect on the piece you are submitting. 

You will be given detailed feedback on the submitted work and based on that feedback you will be asked to explain (in writing) how you would use the comments to improve your future assignments. An iPad mini and Kindle Fire will be awarded to the two students who can best explain how the information provided in the feedback will be used in other assignments.  

How we will review your writing

A draft version of the criteria we will be using when we look at each piece of work is available here. The criteria are organised into something called a rubric. For each specific element or criterion, e.g. referencing, three different levels of achievement are explained. You will be able to use this rubric to help you complete the questions on the self-assessment form that you submit with the assignment. For each element, simply highlight the level you feel best describes the piece.

There are two phases to the competition: 

Phase 1: Submit your written work for feedback on Moodle by 10am on 13th November 2017. Also complete and submit the short self-assessment questionnaire. Feedback will be provided by December 1st 2017. This will be provided via Moodle and you will be notified by email. The feedback will focus on aspects of information literacy and academic writing which are detailed in the rubric discussed previously.  

Phase 2: Enter the competition

When you get the feedback on your written work you should then complete an online Reflections on Feedback form, which you can access by clicking here. When you complete this form you are essentially putting together a plan on how you would use the feedback provided to inform future academic writing. This is the information that will be judged for the prize. The closing date for this form is midnight on 21st December 2017.

Prize winners will be announced in February 2018.

A final thought  

Engaging with feedback is one of the most effective ways to improve your writing skills. The Prize panel feedback will show you how to improve your Information Literacy skills by developing arguments, exploring background reading, and referencing correctly. 

As the competition is primarily concerned with Information Literacy and not with subject-specific content, you may notice a difference between how your work is assessed for the Information Literacy Prize and by your lecturer.


(c) The IL Prize is the copyright of Dundalk Institute of Technology Library


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