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Developing Your Research Skills

These classes are aimed at those beginning research for dissertations and more in-depth work at levels 8, 9 and 10.
Prerequisite: Next Steps in Scholarship

After this class, learners will be aware of and understand:
1. Their role in a Scholarly Conversation and

  • the qualities of a scholarly conversation
  • how authority is created in a scholarly conversation
  • how to demonstrate authority
  • how to seek out relevant conversations

2. How they contribute and demonstrate that Information has a Value and

  • how to deomonstate value in their work
  • how to protect their ideas
  • value others' work
  • understand and examine our own information privilege

3. Authority is Contextual and Constructed and

  • understand different types of authority at work
  • discover how to identify authority in a disciplinary context
  • recognise the responsibility involved in become an authority including the need for accuracy, reliability, and respect for intellectual property

4. Research As Inquiry and

  • understand that research is iterative and depends upon asking new and complex questions
  • understand why scope is needed in inquiry
  • be able to break down complex research by breaking it into simpler questions

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