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1 Card 6 Libraries

Through the 1 Card 6 Libraries service, DkIT students and staff automtically become members of Louth County Libraries, unless you choose to opt out. This service is available to adults of 18 years and over. In order to use and borrow from the Libraries you must have your membership card/ID.

Members of Louth County Libraries aged 18 years or older can avail of this service by first contacting their local library. DkIT Library has its own specific loan and fine categories. See our borrowing section for more information. Access to PCs is limited to off-peak times.

If you want to avail of this service your patron data will be exchanged between DkIT and Louth County Library services. This will be done securely and in line with data protection guidelines.  Louth County Libraries is now part of a nationwide library system so your data will be shared with all participating libraries.

If you are a member of DkIT and do NOT want to avail of this service please indicate this using the Opt Out declaration link below.  Doing so will ensure that we do not exchange your data with the Louth County Library service.  OTHERWISE we will exchange your data and activate joint membership.

Information on Louth County Libraries is available here. Search Louth County Libraries catalogue here.

Click here to view DkIT's Data Protection statement.

Click here to view Louth County Libraries' Data Protection statement.

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