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Sponsor a book

Why Sponsor A Book?
As a Library we are always interested in adding new items to the Collection. The ‘Sponsor a Book’ service invites you to help us expand and add depth to our collection, and to support the Library.

Sponsorship helps us to buy items we could not otherwise afford. Items include books along with e-books, Kindle editions, DVDs, CDs, etc. These items add diversity and depth to our existing collections. Adding these items to a Library means that more people can share the book, read it and be impacted by it.

We have a wish list of items we think would be of particular benefit to our collection; click the link further down this page to view it.

Our collection is available to members of DkIT and to the wider community. We are very pleased to offer these services and to support the community through our access initiatives. Our access initiatives mean that members of the public can become members and use the Library, voluntary groups and the unemployed have free access to the Library and members of the public are able to use our services most of the year. The 1 Card 6 Libraries initiative offers joint membership of DkIT and Louth County Libraries. We think we are the most accessible higher education Library in Ireland and are very proud to be so.

Once you sponsor an item the Library will catalogue it and make it available for loan. An acknowledgement of your donation will be included.

How do I sponsor a book?
You can sponsor a book in two ways:

We will acknowledge the benefactor on every donation.  If you would prefer to remain anonymous please let us know.

Contact us with queries at or 042 9370315.


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