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A journal is a collection of articles of academic or general interest.
Academic journals are published at regular intervals and reflect recent research. Articles are published only when they have been read and approved by other experts in the field (peer review).

DkIT Library holds both print and electronic journals.

Print journals

Print journals are kept in the display areas on Floor 1 and 2, and in the archive area which contains older issues of journals (the rolling shelves behind the Mount Oliver Collection). To search for print journals enter the journal title in the catalogue. You cannot search for articles via the catalogue.

Print journals cannot be borrowed.

Electronic journals

To search for an electronic journal browse or search by title in our MultiSearch Publications Finder. Log in and click Publications at the top of the screen to search for your journal title. You cannot search for articles via the Journals Portal. If we hold the journal it will appear with a link to the relevant database.

To search for an article, enter the article title into the MultiSearch search box.

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