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Data-enabled Student Success

The project, ‘Data-enabled Student Success: A Framework for DkIT’, is funded under the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning’s Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning (SATLE) 2020 fund.

The DkIT Strategic Plan 2020-22 commits to the strategic objective: 'To enhance student success by ensuring excellence and innovation in learning, teaching and assessment'. This objective draws on the concept of student success as a way to understand and improve the student experience, informed by the National Forum’s ‘National Understanding of Student Success'. It aligns with guiding principle 10 of DkIT's Student Success Strategy: ‘Interventions to promote student success will be evidence-based’ and the strategic commitment to ‘use evidence and data to support student success' in the revised Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy.

The initiative's anticipated impact is considerable for those who teach, learn, and support learning. This strategy and framework will enable data to be embedded in decision making across the Institute. It will provide a structure to link evidence to actions. This will allow for more effective interventions and better targeting of resources to enhance learning and the student experience.

Implementation will be supported by training and professional development; this will build capacity among staff to use data and evidence to inform and guide practice. In the longer term, the initiative will support the development of a more data literate culture.

Making the Most of Moodle Data

The ‘Making the Most of Your Moodle Data’ initiative aims to raise awareness of the data readily available within Moodle that can assist staff support their students and allow students to monitor their activities.

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Project Team

  • Project Lead - Dr Philip Scanlon, CELT.
  • Research - Dr Jonathan Hodgers, CELT

Project Steering Group

  • Dr Moira Maguire, Head Learning & Teaching

  • Dr Sinead Kelly - Lecturer, Electronic & Mechanical Engineering

  • Dr Martin McHugh – Head of Department of Visual and Human Centred Computing

  • Christopher (Chacho) O’Neill - President, DkIT Students' Union

  • Gerry Gallagher - E-Learning Development Co-ordinator

  • Dr Myles Hackett – Head of Department of Nursing, Midwifery and Early Childhood Studies

  • Linda Murphy - Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager

  • Ann Cleary - Institute Librarian

  • Dr Brendan Ryder - Head of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance 


Event: Promoting Student Success at DkIT

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CELT) at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT) was delighted to host ‘Promoting Student Success’ on the 14th of June 2022.

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Questions about the project?

  • Dr. Philip Scanlon
  • DkIT
  • Institutional Project Lead for the National RPL Project in Higher Education