is a national survey open to all first years, final years and taught postgraduates. It is your chance to have your say and tell us about your experience. The findings are used here in DkIT, and nationally, to improve the student experience. Those eligible to participate will receive an survey invitation in their DkIT student mail.


Calling all first year, final year and postgraduate students! The 2020 will run from Monday 10th February until Monday 2nd March 2020 and we want to gather your feedback on your experiences of higher education to help us improve the overall student experience at DkIT.

Why is your feedback so important?

Students have a major contribution to make in influencing the design of curricula, and in reviewing and providing feedback on their experience of college. Your feedback helps us ensure that future DkIT students will experience an education that is relevant and responsive to their personal development and growth as fully engaged citizens within society. This is your chance to make sure your voice is heard and let us know what is and isn’t working well!

Did we mention prizes?

Apart from ensuring that your voice is heard, we are offering all participating students the chance to win some fantastic prizes by simply completing your form. As a thank you for your participation, there is a prize draw(s) for rag week tickets, vouchers and DkIT sportswear.   Please consider taking this opportunity to have your say!

Am I eligible? is open to any first or final year students studying an undergraduate award and to all postgraduate students. The following types of students are eligible for this survey:

  • first year undergraduate;
  • final year undergraduate higher education students (programmes leading to NFQ Level 6 Higher Certificate, NFQ Level 7 Ordinary Bachelor Degree and NFQ Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree);
  • taught postgraduate students (NFQ Level 8 Higher Diploma and NFQ Level 9 Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s Degree) whether full-time, part-time or remote.

How do I complete the survey?

Please complete the survey at the link below, it's very straightforward and will take no more than15 minutes to complete.

Complete the Survey

How do I know my opinions will be heard?

Your opinions matter to us and these are just some example of how serious we take on board your feedback:

Improving what we do:

  • In previous surveys, students told us that group work assessments at DkIT were not working as well as they should be for some students. As a result of this feedback, we organised a comprehensive review of group work across the Institute and a new framework was developed to support both staff and students, along with training.
  • In the 2018 survey we benchmarked very well against other institutes in providing timely and effective feedback on assignments to our students. However, we recognise that there is room for improvement in this area and will be working on that during the coming months.

Recognising our strengths:

  • In 2019, 30.1% of students participated in the survey.  It is essential that we retain a good response rate in 2020.
  • In 2016, 2017 and 2018, students informed us that they liked the small classes, friendly lecturers and practical focus at DkIT. We now recognise these qualities and huge strengths for DkIT and we are committed to building on these in the future.

About is designed to focus on student engagement, namely the amount of time and effort that students put into meaningful and purposeful educational activities, and the extent to which institutions provide such opportunities and encourage students to engage with them. The data collected reflects students’ self-reported perceptions of their experiences. is sponsored by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), the Irish Universities Association (IUA), the Technological Higher Education Association (THEA) and the Union of Students in Ireland (USI).