Certificate in Database Development

Course Points
Course Duration
1 Year
Course Level
Level 7
Course Start Date
Autumn 2018

Course Summary

This 1-year part-time course provides students with a solid introduction to Database Systems and covers many aspects of data management. The course has a particular focus on Relational Database Management Systems which are the most commonly used in a business environment. Successful graduates of the programme will have database design and implementation skills which they can apply in their professional work.

Important notice about this course


The database is considered the ‘back end’ of computer systems and is extremely valuable to all businesses. The emphasis on the collection, storage and protection of data is hugely important. This data becomes the information that businesses rely on for their mission-critical systems and their analytical systems:

Mission-critical are the day to day activities which must be carried out correctly, efficiently and safely by an enterprise to remain in business.

Analytical systems are used by the enterprise for medium to long-term planning. This course will cover many aspects of data management. It will focus on Relational Database Management Systems which are the most commonly used in a business environment and provide the student with a comprehensive knowledge of these.

The course will teach the student how to:

  • design a database system using design methodologies
  • implement that design using the Data Definition Language; write SQL commands using the Data Manipulation Language
  • maintain the integrity of the data within your database
  • maintain the security of the data within your database
  • improve the performance of the database
  • create Stored Objects such as Procedures, Functions and Triggers

Although it is a highly practical course there is also a theoretical component. There will be topics covered which will give an in depth understanding of the concepts and theory of the Relational Model, Transaction Management, Concurrency Control and how the database manages Recovery in the event of database failure.

Modules taught on this course include:

  1. Web Development and Databases - Find more information on this course here.
  2. Database Programming - Find more information on this course here.
  3. Database Development - Find more information on this course here.
  4. Database Management Systems - Find more information on this course here.
  5. Database Administration - Find more information on this course here.
  • The course takes place over one academic year (two semesters).
  • This course is delivered using a blended learning approach with a series of interactive and hands-on in-class sessions in addition to intensive online learning.
  • This course requires attendance at college at two days a week: one afternoon and evening (from 3pm to 9pm) and one evening (from 6pm to 9pm).

Successful graduates of this course will be a competent and confident creator of database-driven, multitiered, secure, cloud-based websites, skills that are in high demand by industry and across the world.

This course would provide the student with the skillset to work as a Database Designer, Database Programmer or a Database Administrator. Graduates will emerge with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and have the added option to continue to grow their knowledge through either self-learning or attending further courses.

Students can continue their studies at DkIT by upgrading to one of our full-time computing degree level programmes.

Applicants should have gained the DKIT Certificate in Programming or have passed equivalent modules from a QQI level 7 or 8 programme in Computing.

This course would be of interest to individuals hoping to pursue a career in or with computing, in particular in the fields databases, or wish to complement your qualification.

Dr. Christian Horn (Head of Department of Computing Science & Mathematics, DkIT)
Phone: +353 42 9370283
Email: christian.horn@dkit.ie

Course ID DK_KCEDD_7
Level 7
Duration 1 Year
Credits 30
School School of Informatics & Creative Arts
Department Computing Science and Mathematics
Awarding Body Dundalk Institute of Technology
Fees €2,200
Starting Date Autumn 2018
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