BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering - Level 8 Add-on (Part-time)

Course Points
Course Duration
2 Years
Course Level
Level 8
Course Places
16 Places
Course Start Date
Monday 20th September at 9.00am (subject to change)

Course Summary

This 2-year part-time course offers students the opportunity to develop and enhance their knowledge of applied Civil Engineering. The structure of the course closely follows that of a design project, allowing students to develop their skills in scheme and elemental design of real world projects while expanding their knowledge of specialist areas such as renewable energy and applied engineering software .

Important notice about this course


Civil Engineers are involved in a vast range of projects from simple housing construction to major infrastructure developments with global impact. Civil Engineering is focused on achieving the most efficient and effective design possible from the resources available by applying their knowledge of nature, materials, forces and technology to the solution of problems and the creation of reality from the concepts of others. The scope of engineering projects and the range of technologies is changing rapidly with the evolution of renewable energy industries, waste management processes and infrastructure changes.

This course offers students the opportunity to enhance their level of technical knowledge, understanding and skill and will develop the graduate’s skill in core civil engineering areas as well as more specialist areas such as new software and information systems and renewable energy technologies.

Modules covered will include:




Please note that this programme is delivered cyclically and depending on when it starts the sequence of module delivery may change.

The part-time version of the programme takes place over 2 academic years.  Learners will be expected to attend DkIT one day per week.  The first year of the programme will take place every Monday 9.00am-6.00pm.  The second year of the programme will take place each Friday 9.00am-6.00pm. 

Additionally, some asynchronous delivery of the programme will be required each week.  It is expected that students will have to spend 12 hours attending synchronous/asynchronous lectures each week plus a further 12 hours allocated for independent studying. Timetables for the programme are subject to change.

Graduates may work in structural, water, public health, renewables, transportation and geotechnical branches of the civil engineering industry.

As well as developing knowledge in structural, geotechnical and environmental engineering, it will improve management and employability skills or enhance your position if currently employed in the public service or private industry.

In contrast with the more mathematical BEng Civil Engineering elsewhere, this course places more emphasis on civil engineering design.

Total course fee: €4,500

€2250 per annum (Year 1 payable as follows).

Application Fee: €50 (non-refundable if you are made an offer of a place)

Accept Offer Fee: €100 (non-refundable)

Instalment 1 = €975 is payable by 31st October.

Instalment 2 = €1125 is payable by 28th February.

Applicants to this course MUST have successfully completed a Level 7, Bachelor of Engineering (ordinary) in Civil Engineering with an overall pass and a minimum overall average of 50%. If an average of 50% was not achieved, appropriate industry experience may be submitted for consideration in conjunction with successful completion of the Level 7.

A Level 6 Certificate in Civil Engineering may also be considered with considerable industry experience to reflect the required learning outcomes of a Level 7.




Those with a technical background in construction but who not meet the above requirements, please see 'Other Information'.

If you think you might enjoy developing and constructing bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, major building or other infrastructural projects, you should consider Civil Engineering. The skills you will learn will give you opportunities for work at home or anywhere worldwide wherever development is taking place

In contrast with the more mathematical BEng Civil Engineering elsewhere, this course places more emphasis on civil engineering design.

Damian Thorne (Programme Director)

Pat McCormick (Head of Department of Engineering Trades and Civil Engineering, School of Engineering)
Email: pat.mccormick@


Over many years, we have been providing a 2-year parttime honours degree in civil engineering. In order to eligible for entry applicants must have either a Level 6 in Civil Engineering with exceptional industry experience or a level 7 in civil engineering with reasonable industry experience or a 50% GPA and no experience (for those students simply continuing their fulltime studies). 

We have been inundated with applicants who do not meet the above criteria, in particular from Local Authority technicians with either a level 7 in construction studies and or a level 8 in building surveying. We have been turning these applicants away based on the fact that they have what we deem to be academic gaps in knowledge in the core civil engineering modules (despite their technical qualification and experience). 

This new access programme will facilitate such applicants from industry wishing to complete the specific modules on a parttime basis. All modules are from the 3rd year of the level 7 in civil engineering. If the applicants successfully pass these modules they would then be deemed eligible to apply for the 2 year parttime honours degree in civil engineering. 


The modules are; 

Environmental Engineering - year long 10 credits 
Structural Analysis & Design - year long 10 credits 


Highway Engineering - 1 semester 5 credits 
Geotechnical Engineering - 1 semester 5 credits 


Mathematics - 1 semester 5 credits 
Hydrology & Hydrogeology - 1 semester 5 credits 


The applicant will take 2 modules per semester, this will require the student to attend college 1 full day every week per semester, typically either a Monday or a Friday. The student will also have course material made available to them on line which they can review and complete in their own time outside of both college and working hours. They may be required to attend occasional 1 day blocks of laboratories, depending on the module but ample notice will be given in this regard. Exams are held in January and May and repeats in August/September.  

The applicants take on this programme knowing that they will find some material difficult having not completed the first 2 years of the level 7, but this task is on them to overcome. 


Upon successful completion of the above modules, the student will simply receive a transcript of results (no award), which they can then use for their application on to the BSc parttime honours degree in civil engineering. 


Programme schedule example; 

YEAR 1 - September 2021 - May 2022 


Semester 1  

Environmental Engineering P1 
Structural Analysis & Design P1 

Semester 2 

Environmental Engineering P2
Structural Analysis & Design P2

YEAR 2 - September 2022 - May 2023 

Semester 1 
Highway Engineering 
Geotechnical Engineering

Semester 2
Hydrology & Hydrogeology

Applicants are welcome to join in either September or January of each year but will have to take the semester modules applicable at that time and work on a different cycle to others already in attendance. 


Programme cost; 

The cost is based on a fee of €54.17 per credit. So, a 5 credit module will cost (5 x 54.17) = €270.85 or  a 10 credit module will cost (10 x 54.17) = €541.70  and so on. 

In this regard, the total cost for someone to complete the 2 year, 6 modules access programme as set out above would be €2,166.80. These figures include all costs. 

For information purposes, the cost of the 2 year parttime honours degree in civil engineering, which the majority of these students will then go on to complete, again 1 day per week over 2 years is €2,250 / Annum (€4,500 for 2 years). 



Application; Applicants must complete the attached THIS FORM and submit it to the Engineering Office via

Course Type Flexible & Professional, Add On
Study Mode Part-Time
Level 8
Duration 2 Years
Fees €2,250.00 per annum
Starting Date Monday 20th September at 9.00am (subject to change)
School School of Engineering
Department Built Environment
Credits 60
Awarding Body Dundalk Institute of Technology
Apply to DkIT

How to Apply



Please remember to upload required documentation (scanned copies of your existing engineering qualification(s) and your CV) with your online application to expedite academic assessment.