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Use of Copyright Material

Under the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 copyright material can be used for the purposes of education.  

Subsection 53 refers to various activities that can be carried out for the purposes of instruction or examination without infringing copyright.

Basically, where material is used in a class environment/activity you are licensed to use the material. You the person delivering the class activity are responsible for managing the copyright material used in that class environment. See here for more.

In all other cases you must ensure that the Institute is not liable to copyright infringement. If you wish to use copyright material you should visit the following sites for further information.

Music - IMRO

IMRO is the national body in Ireland that administers the performing right in copyright music on behalf of it’s (and international affiliates) members who are songwriters, composers and music publishers) 

Music - PPI

PPI Manage the rights of the music producers and music performers of copyright music.

Web Usage - Podcasts 

DkIT is licensed to use Online Exploitation of Music for Podcasts through IMRO.   This allows the Institute to use copyright material up to 20 seconds for preparing podcast delivery. You must ensure that there are reciprocal agreements in place between the content provider and licensing authority. Also be aware of websites providing "Free" music content, and their terms and conditions of usage - Free may be for individual listening - if shared there are severe penalties.

Music for Public Use

DkIT has licenced various venues on campus for broadcast of music to the Public. 

Note:  A TV is considered a music broadcast device and must be licensed accordingly.  


Films are only viewable in a class environment. They cannot be viewed or used outside of that context. Costs for screening movies outside of education arena can be viewed at


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